Monday, April 22, 2013

Working class and middle class kids in school

Okay so I'm way too busy right now with work and school and life and I don't even know where I put my Jensen book so this is going to be a quick post...

I can understand what Jensen (from the ten pages that I could read before I lost the book) and Hooks were saying about class and education.  After reading some of the Jensen last night, I talked to Erica about how comfortable we feel at RIC and at our jobs- places that are filled with working-class people.  We talked about how, when there is one middle-class person who needs to "get ahead" or his/her peers, everyone else seems to not like them.  Either they are deemed a "kiss-ass", too aggressive, or a "know-it-all."  And even though we are in our twenties- we both still see this today.  Working class kids like us are so comfortable being a team and we would question authority together if it meant sticking up for one another.  We've both always noticed this- but until taking this course, I never realized how much it had to do with our class and our background (what class we grew up in).

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